Transforming the future through opportunity.

Transfero Academy is a trainee program that aims to recruit, train and develop young talent for the technology and digital assets market. It is Transfero's human talent academy.

We realize the importance of training professionals in-house and we want to share our knowledge with them so that they can develop themselves. The goal is that the participants become talents with the training and technical skills necessary to be hired within the Transfero Group or by partners in the digital assets market.

Start of the second class postponed to July 04

Do you know what our mission is?

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Recruit, train and develop young talent for the technology and digital assets market.

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Unleash a passion for knowing, learning and developing disruptive technology.

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Transform the future of thousands of young people through guided education and training with mentoring.

How does the program work?

Transfero Academy is a trainee program that selects and trains young developers to facilitate their entry into the crypto asset market. We provide the location, technology, learning platform, and direct contact with experienced developers in the industry.

Through online classes and in-person mentoring, Academy students develop their programming skills over six months. In addition, they participate in real challenges, solving problems for Transfero's technology team.

After this period, the developers will be interviewed to fill open positions in the Transfero Group and partner companies. The goal is to get everyone hired at the end of the program.


Who is the Transfero Academy for?

Transfero Academy is designed for everyone who wants to become a developer and wants to enter the crypto asset market. You don't need to have college or experience in the area: everyone is here to learn and develop.

To participate in our classes with limited vacancies, we seek proactive people who have a desire to learn and evolve. The requirements are:

  • Complete High School
  • +18 years old
  • Be fully dedicated during the six months of the course
  • Live in the state of Rio de Janeiro

Want to be part of the Transfero Academy?

Check out more information about the next class:

Start date: 04/07/22.

Place: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Salary: compatible wages with other trainee programs in the market, plus flexible benefits that can be used as health, transportation, food, culture or welfare plans.

Programming languages: Python, C#/.Net, React, Solidity and Rust*.

Program: besides learning a programming language, participants will have an immersion in Big Data, Data Analysis, automation, DevOps, blockchain, financial education, economics, and accounting.

* According to the technical level of the candidate.


In addition to academic learning

Transfero Academy also offers:

  • Mentorship with crypto asset experts;
  • Lectures on Assertive Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Career Management and Mind Evaluation;
  • Direct contact with what is most modern and current in the universe of blockchain and crypto assets.

See statements from our students:

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André Miranda

Being part of the Transfero Academy is very important for me to exchange knowledge and better understand what a software developer's career is like. Here I learn a lot of technology concepts while I can practice them

Sutent Picture

Antonio Mosqueira

The factor that is contributing the most to my growth within the project is that I can count on the other members of the Transfero Academy themselves

Sutent Picture

Eduardo Sabino

As Jim Rohn said, we are the average of the five people we live with the most. And with Transfero Academy, I was able to increase my average, as I am surrounded by amazing people, with different visions and life stories that converge to achieve our goals. The Academy is more than a technology training, it's the place where you meet people who have overcome life's adversities, allowing you to be inspired and see a world that was so far away because what connects us are people

Sutent Picture

Elias de Medeiros

Transfero Academy makes me see a new horizon for my professional future and offers conditions and tools to reach it. This partnership was what fascinated me the most

Sutent Picture

Gabriel Aureo

The Academy is my first professional experience in the technology area. It is fantastic to learn about the state of the art of blockchain technologies while improving my tech and soft skills

Sutent Picture

Gabriel Gonçalves

Since I joined Transfero Academy, everyday is a great learning opportunity. We are highly motivated by our mentors to enhance our skills. Another positive factor is our personal growth: beeing togheter with my peers, participating in group chalenges, being face to face with different life experiences is helping me grow as a human being.

Sutent Picture

Igor Alves

Transfero has been a life-changer, this project has confronted me to the point of making me see that I have to get out of my comfort zone, learn new skills, and transform myself every day into a quality professional. And what I can say about this project is that there wouldn't be a better way to find my dream career

Sutent Picture

Leonardo Santos

It has being a great experience. I’m enjoying the Transfero Academy program a lot.

Sutent Picture

Levi Gabriel

I thought the initiative was very good because although I already had contact with the area, I didn't feel confident taking on a role in a company. Being able to learn what the organization needs is a very organic way of introducing new professionals to the company and the market as well

Sutent Picture

Matheus Marinho

The opportunity that Transfero is giving is not something you see every day. When I sent my resume, I had my first interview and a few days later I was in the office together with my colleagues. Today, together with other people who want to grow and learn as much as I do, I am living an experience that I never imagined I could have in a place as inspiring as the Academy

Sutent Picture

Mateus Vilarim

A unique opportunity to acquire knowledge with challenging activities allied with great tutors guiding us

Sutent Picture

Pablo Alexandre

The Transfero Academy is transforming my professional life and is bringing me new insights and knowledge

Sutent Picture

Patrícia Andrade

The Academy has been an opportunity to develop myself in the area of technology, meet new people and understand the innovative crypto asset market

Sutent Picture

Ramon Barbosa

Simply an amazing experience. Transfero is a fintech that values education in its culture. The result of this is hard-working students, pursuing the same goals and always helping each other

Sutent Picture

Ravel Nogueira

I am very grateful that Transfero provides a study community where partnership and friendship are the key to individual success

Want to be our partner?

We want to build solid partnerships for the growth of our purpose!

Be part of the Transfero Academy and contribute so that more young talents can have the opportunity to be the protagonists of their stories!


Questions about the program? Check out our FAQ!

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