Be free,
be crypto

Transfero is an international financial solutions company based on blockchain technology. With its registered office in Crypto Valley, Switzerland, and with a presence in Rio de Janeiro and in eight other countries, its main objective is to facilitate and promote access and adoption to the universe of digital assets, enabling its clients a safe transition to a more decentralized global financial system based on freedom and autonomy.

We live in a free world.
But do you feel free in the world you live in?

Freedom is having the power to make your own choices. But when choices are limited, freedom is also.

In 2008, the world was introduced to a new class of assets, also known as "cryptocurrencies". Free from any government interventions or bureaucracies, cryptocurrencies have ushered in a new global revolution, providing borderless financial freedom, for all.

Specialized in offering financial solutions using Blockchain technology, which validates and records all transactions carried out in cryptocurrencies in a decentralized, transparent and secure way, TRANSFERO was born with the aim of facilitating the entry of investors in this new global financial system.

In addition to offering resource management services, purchase and sale of cryptos and payment processing, among others, TRANSFERO also contributes to the popularization of crypto assets, through a free online financial education platform.

The revolution has begun. True globalization is already happening in the digital environment. In this new crypto world, you have full control of your financial decisions. And now you can count on TRANSFERO's support and expertise to invest in your most valuable asset, your freedom.

Be free, be crypto.

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    Our team is made up of pioneers in the crypto assets market

    Thiago Cesar
    Chief Executive Officer

    Cofounder and CEO of Transfero, Thiago Cesar was one of the first people in the world to defend an academic dissertation on bitcoin and conduct solid research at the Institute of Economic Affairs, with an emphasis on the macroeconomic aspects of bitcoin and blockchain.

    He holds a Master's degree in International Economics and Management, having studied at the University of London, and has vast experience as a businessman and researcher.

    Carlos Russo
    Chief Financial Officer

    With a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering and a MSc from Coppead (UFRJ) with extension at Wharton Business School (UPENN), Carlos Russo joined Transfero's team to manage the cryptocurrency trading desk and lead the asset management initiatives, having developed the first stablecoin pegged to the Brazilian Real, the BRZ.

    The executive also stands out for his participation in projects related to financial services, at Wharton's Mack Institute for Innovation Management.

    Claudio Just
    Chief Operating Officer

    Claudio Just is co-founder of Bit.One and Transfero. He is a serial entrepreneur and Internet executive with over 20 years of experience in consumer products on the Internet. He also has experience as a startup consultant and specializes in innovation in the Brazilian market. He holds a bachelor's degree from PUC, Rio de Janeiro.

    Márlyson Silva
    Chief Information & Strategy Officer

    Cofounder of Transfero, Márlyson Silva has over 17 years of experience in Technology, having worked in consolidated industries such as insurance, banking, electronic payments, and, more recently, Blockchain and Bitcoin. Márlyson was responsible for developing the first payment gateway to perform transactions in cryptocurrencies in Brazil, as well as managing a POS project to accept bitcoin payments.

    Julian Lanzadera
    Director of Institutional relations & General Counsel

    Previously, he worked at Eskenazi Pernidji, where he spent more than six years as a corporate lawyer leading cross mergers and acquisitions, banking and corporate restructuring. He has experience in the corporate area of law firms such as Veirano Advogados, Barbosa, Mussnich and Aragão Advogados and was also part of the legal team for 2 years at the EBX Group. He holds an LLM in Taxation from Fundação Getúlio Vargas.

    Guilherme Murtinho
    Chief Marketing & Communication Officer

    Cofounder of Transfero, Guilherme was one of the people responsible for the company's incorporation in Switzerland. An entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in business, strategic planning, communication, and advertising, he pioneered the adoption of Brand Publishing as a communication strategy in the digital asset market, co-creating the information and education hub Panorama Crypto. He has a bachelor's degree from the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro - PUC RJ and a branding specialist certificate from IED - Istituto Europeo di Design.

    Fábio Freitas
    Chief Technology Officer

    Working for over 20 years in the national digital entrepreneurship, Fábio Freitas cofounded Movile, one of the first Brazilian unicorns, and Dot Legend Mobile Apps. Fábio holds a Bachelor's degree in Systems Analysis from the Catholic University Rio de Janeiro - PUC RJ, and a Master's degree in Systems Engineering from COPPE / UFRJ.

    Transfero Transfero Brasil Pagamentos S.A. - 11.480.809/0001-84
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